Sad news: The User Research for Everyone conference is done—it took place on October 11, 2016.
Good news: You can still get on-demand access to the entire program. 

Your company might still believe there’s not enough time or money to do research right. Or maybe you lack professional researchers on your team. Or you’re new to user research and need to gain confidence and experience. Don’t let those issues stop you. The recordings from our User Research for Everyone one-day virtual conference will help you succeed with research that leads to products users want to use, buy, and recommend to friends.

We created the program and speaker lineup with input from 200 designers and developers. Our presenters focus on practical advice to tackle the real-world constraints you face. 


  • Recruit quality participants
  • Choose which user research method to use
  • Conduct user research faster and cheaper
  • Transform user research findings into better products
  • Convince colleagues and bosses that user research is key to your success
  • Ensure everyone on your team understands your findings


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  • Designers: Incorporate user research to confirm where your concept works and where it doesn’t.
  • Product managers: Use research to improve adoption rates and reduce expensive and time-consuming product rebuilds.
  • Engineers and developers: Learn how end users interact with products so you can make smarter decisions that improve usability.
  • Managers: Use research to save time and money and help cross-functional teams get the biggest bang for the buck to make remarkable products.
  • Teams: Spend the day learning together so you can collaborate to integrate research more easily into your product design process.
  • ...and user researchers: Brush up on the basics, or get up to speed if you're new to the field.


  • 6 practical, comprehensive presentations (each 40-45 minutes) from some of the best-regarded user research experts—Erika Hall, Leah Buley, Nate Bolt, Julie Stanford, Abby Covert, and Cindy Alvarez
  • A bonus recording of Steve Krug and Laura Klein discussing do-it-yourself usability testing.
  • Lifetime access anytime with streaming and downloadable files
  • Virtual, travel-free learning from the convenience of your desk

Virtual, travel-free learning from the convenience of your desk