User Interface Engineering (UIE) is a leading research, training, and consulting firm specializing in web site and product usability. Jared M. Spool and his team of researchers oversee a variety of events and publications. UIE is our event partner, managed the production of our virtual conference. Learn more about UIE.

Optimal Workshop is a user research platform that makes life easier for anyone trying to design things better. Their tree testing, card sorting, first-click, survey and qualitative research tools enable organizations, big and small, to test, benchmark and make evidence-based design decisions. Learn more about Optimal Workshop.

UserZoom is the all-in-one UX Research Platform for the data-driven enterprise. Our ‘Worry-Free’ solution offers a quantitative and qualitative research platform to help UX/CX, product managers, and marketing professionals test and measure all aspects of their web and mobile properties. Learn more about UserZoom.

Loop11 is a user testing platform which makes rapid usability testing of websites, prototype and wireframes a breeze. Run hundreds of users through every test, running unlimited tests each and every month. Find out more about our quantitative reporting and user session videos at Loop11.

ethnio helps you find and manage the right participants for all types of user research, online exercises, and even surveys. Use ethnio to create elegant recruiting screeners, schedule participants, and pay incentives. Learn more about ethnio.

UserTesting is the fastest and most advanced user research platform on the market. We give UX, product, and marketing teams on-demand access to people in their target audience who deliver audio, video, and written feedback on websites, mobile apps, prototypes, wireframes, and more. Learn more about UserTesting.